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Meet the Editors


Allyson Johnson

Based in New England, Allyson is co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of InBetweenDrafts. Former Editor-in-Chief at TheYoungFolks, she is a member of the Boston Society of Film Critics and the Boston Online Film Critics Association. Her writing has also appeared at CambridgeDay, ThePlaylist, Pajiba, VagueVisages, RogerEbert, TheBostonGlobe, Inverse, Bustle, her Substack, and every scrap of paper within her reach.
Games Editor

Evan Griffin

Based in the northern stretches of New England, Evan is an elder high-wizard and co-founder of the Leading the Games section, Evan is determined to make people remember the joys of older games which have since lost their way. Evan’s voice can be heard in podcasting, YouTube videos, essays, and overlong diatribes on media he wants you to have the full context on.
Music Editor

Ryan Gibbs

Ryan Gibbs is the music editor for InBetweenDrafts and is based on Aquidneck Island in Rhode Island. You can typically find him on here giving his thoughts on popular music, as well as a variety of other topics. In addition to InBetweenDrafts, Ryan has a career writing for local newspapers and periodicals in the Rhode Island area.
TV Editor

Katey Stoetzel

Katey is co-founder and TV Editor for InBetweenDrafts. She hosts the “House of the Dragon After Show” podcast and can be read on various other places like Inverse and Screen Speck. She wishes desperately the binge model of TV watching would die but still gets mad when she runs out of episodes of TV to watch.
Anime & Manga Editor

Travis Hymas

Travis Hymas is a freelance writer and self appointed Pokémon historian out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Known to be regularly obessive over pop culture topics and gaming discourse, he is a published Rotten Tomatoes critic and has been featured on sites such as Uppercut and The Young Folks.
Interviews Editor

Alyshia Kelly

Alyshia is the Interviews Editor for InBetweenDrafts. A self-proclaimed pop culture enthusiast, she watches B-movies in her spare time and hopes to make one some day. Apart from writing, she does freelance publicity and is fully immersed in the world of entertainment.
Books Editor

Abby Petree

Abby Petree has been writing about books professionally for the past three years, but she’s been overanalyzing everything she reads and watches since day one. Seriously, don’t even bring up Beauty and the Beast. Outside of this website, she teaches 7th grade English in Northern California and works as a freelance writer on the side.
TV/Film News Editor

Pedro Graterol

Based in Mexico, Pedro Graterol is the News editor for TV and Film at InBetweenDrafts. He is a Venezuelan political scientist, a violist who is passionate about the fact that classical music should be accesible for everyone, and a nerd of all things pop culture. He is also the social media coordinator at Sol de Medianoche News, a bilingual newspaper in Alaska, and his writing is featured in outlets like Caracas Chronicles and Cinco8. His legal signature includes the face of Sonic The Hedgehog and he probably should get more sleep.
Film Editor

Jon Negroni

Based out of San Francisco, Jon Negroni is co-founder and Film Editor of InBetweenDrafts. He's also a member of The Critics Choice Association (CCA), Hollywood Critics Association (HCA), and Get Some Sleep Already And Spend Time With Your Family Association (GSSAASTWYFA). He hosts the Cinemaholics podcast, Mad Men Men podcast, Film Section podcast, and we're expecting several more by the end of this sentence.
Film Reviews Editor

Erin Brady

Erin is the Film Reviews Editor for InBetweenDrafts. She is a film critic and essayist that has been published on websites such as Vulture, Ebert Voices, The Daily Beast, and others. She is also a Rotten Tomatoes-approved critic, as well as a member of GALECA and the Critics Association of Central Florida. When not editing reviews, she serves as a breaking news writer for Slash Film and can be found reading extreme horror stories with her dog, Wes, by her side.