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10 Audiobooks to listen to for every Summer situation

By July 7, 2023No Comments4 min read
Summer Audiobooks

This summer, you might be traveling or you might be planning a staycation. You might have some DIY projects stacked up or you might be hoping to get cozy with a few puzzles. No matter your summer plans, we’ve got you covered with ten audiobooks we recommend for every possible mood. All you have to do is pop in your earphones and queue up your favorite audiobook app and enjoy.

If you’re stuck in the car on a family road trip: The Swifts: A Dictionary of Scoundrels by Beth Lincoln, illustrated by Claire Powell, narrated by Nikki Patel

A clever middle-grade whodunnit that will keep the whole crew entertained no matter your destination. Shenanigan Swift’s story has the feel of a beloved children’s classic and will make the hours of your trip fly by.

If you’ve just finished The Bear Season 2: Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain, narrated by the author

Anthony Bourdain’s passion for cooking and food made watching him on TV so delightful. Though he tragically passed away, I think his memoir that helped launch his early career is a fascinating and eye-opening look at his early beginnings as a chef and the restaurant business that’s both cut-throat and engrossing.

If you need to finish that project: The Bridge Kingdom Series by Danielle L. Jensen, narrated by various

Have a big task you need to tackle this summer? For me, it’s organizing my winter clothes. My closet cannot contain both summer and winter items and so they need to be sifted and sorted into donation piles or storage piles. I already plan on popping in my earphones and losing myself in an epic fantasy while I do so. If this sounds good, I need to recommend The Bridge Kingdom Series by Danielle L. Jensen. Part fantasy, political drama and romance, this series will keep you occupied for any big project that lies ahead. Just be prepared to find tasks to do so that you can keep on listening.

If You’re On Your Commute To Work: Lucky Red by Claudia Cravens, narrated by Elena Rey

Whether you have a short commute or a longer one, having an audiobook to keep you company makes it a little less horrible. A cinematic adventure story set in the American west that’s both queer and feminist sounds like the type of book that could transport you no matter what your commute looks like.

If You Need To Listen To Something On The Beach: Practice Makes Perfect by Sarah Adams, narrated by Will Peters and Jorjeana Marie

Sometimes you just want to close your eyes, enjoy the seaside air and doze with a swoon-worthy audiobook. If that’s a mood you might find yourself in soon, I recommend Practice Makes Perfect by Sarah Adams. It’s got a sexy bodyguard, is set in a small-town, and the main MC owns a flower shop. What more can you want?

If You’re Restless: Chain Gang All Stars by Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah, narrated by Shayna Small, Aaron Goodson, Michael Crouch and Lee Osorio

This past July 4th was the hottest on record and this heat, among other things going on in the world, makes me restless. If you’re like me, turn that restlessness into productivity and listen to his timely, if not frustrating book.

If Your Flight or Travel Is Delayed: Thief Liar Lady by D.L. Soria, narrated by Zura Johnson

There’s been an uptick in flight cancellation and other travel delays recently and while I don’t wish that on anyone, its good to be prepared if the situation arises. This magical Cinderella retelling is exciting and can provide a distraction from any and all travel woes because it flips the fairy-tale script and offers a new perspective to happily ever after.

If You’re Hiking and Out About In Nature: Better Living Through Birding by Christian Cooper, narrated by the author

I’ll be the first admit that I know absolutely nothing about birding but I love the idea of listening to a book by someone who knows a lot about it and loves it. Embrace nature and listen to Christian Cooper as you go on a nature walk or spend some time outdoors.

If You Need Something to Puzzle While You Puzzle: My Murder by Katie Williams, narrated by Rebecca Lowman

Whether you’re a Wordle fanatic or you’ve got a 1000 pieces of a jigsaw strewn across your table, you will want to listen to this fast-paced, twisty novel that’s as cerebral as it is addictive.

Brianna Robinson

Brianna Robinson is a book publicist and Sarah Lawrence College alum. She lives in New York with too many books and two enthusiastic dachshunds. You can find her on twitter @blrobins2.

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