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Between TV Episode 1: The 15 Best TV Shows of 2022 [Podcast]

By January 7, 2023March 29th, 2023No Comments1 min read

New year, new podcast. If there’s one thing we love more than writing about TV, it’s talking about it. And with InBetweenDrafts still relatively new, we thought it was a good time to launch a corresponding podcast for the TV section. Our first episode is supplemental to our 15 Best TV Shows of 2022 list we published on Christmas Eve. During our chat, my co-host Jose Cordova and I are joined by InBetweenDrafts Editor-in-Chief Allyson Johnson to chat about the 15 shows that made our list (and some that didn’t).

“Between TV” is a monthly podcast covering the biggest thing in TV that month, or just whatever Jose and I feel like talking about. Our first episode is a bit of a trial run as we try to get our bearings (mostly me — I didn’t even introduce the podcast in this episode) but we still managed a good conversation about the best television from last year.

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The podcast can be found right here on our site, Spotify, and Anchor. Listen, subscribe, and join the conversation with us.

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Music: “The Show Must Be Go”

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Katey Stoetzel

Katey is co-founder and tv editor for InBetweenDrafts. She hosts the “House of the Dragon After Show” and "Between TV" podcasts and can be read in various other places like Inverse and Screen Speck. She wishes desperately the binge model of tv watching would die, but still gets mad when she runs out of episodes of tv to watch.

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