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Between TV Episode 3: ‘The Last of Us,’ ‘911: Lone Star,’& ‘911’ [Podcast]

By March 9, 2023March 29th, 2023No Comments2 min read

It’s time for Episode 3 of Between TV. We’re still talking about our TV obsessions, but this time we’re chatting about the internet’s as well. The Last of Us, 911: Lone Star, and 911 are three shows that have a massive following. Jose and I talk about how we started watching each show and how we’re feeling about the current seasons for each.

As these shows are currently airing, they are spoilers for all seasons of 911 plus last Monday’s Season 6B premiere, all seasons of 911: Lone Star plus the first seven episodes of Season 4, and every episode of The Last of Us excluding Sunday’s finale.

We go long on this episode, and that’s because TV can simultaneously move you and make you really mad. While The Last of Us has some of the best horror elements on television right now and tragic stories, 911: Lone Star implements a major ret-con to up the Season 4 drama. Once we’re done laughing about it, we get into how it works within the context of the rest of the show (hint: it doesn’t) and what we hope to see in the rest of Season 4.

Intro: 0:00-1:42

F1 Update: 1:42-7:56

The Last of Us: 7:56-1:01:18

911 & 911: Lone Star: 1:01:18-2:07

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Music: “The Show Must Be Go”

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Katey Stoetzel

Katey is co-founder and tv editor for InBetweenDrafts. She hosts the “House of the Dragon After Show” and "Between TV" podcasts and can be read in various other places like Inverse and Screen Speck. She wishes desperately the binge model of tv watching would die, but still gets mad when she runs out of episodes of tv to watch.

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