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Between TV episode 5: ‘911 Lone Star’ season 4 finale [Podcast]

By May 23, 2023No Comments1 min read

In 911: Lone Star Season 4, all roads were leading to the TK and Carlos wedding. But there were many bumps on that road before we got there, including two finale deaths that left a dark cloud over the festivities.

Between TV’s newest episode covers all the details regarding Season 4’s two-hour finale. As much as we love this show, we definitely had some frustrations we had to discuss and get out.

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Time stamps:

Intro/recap: 0.0-10:43

Things we loved about Season 4: 10:43-25:14

Gabriel and Carlos: 25:14-45:52

Judd and Wyatt: 45:52-55:44

Gabriel’s Death and Carlos’ grief: 55:44-1:14:22

Iris: 1:14:22-1:17:52

The wedding: 1:17:52-1:36:43

OG 911 Finale: 1:36:43-1:42:32

Outro: 1:42:32-1:44:44

Katey Stoetzel is the Co-Founder and TV Editor for InBetweenDrafts. Jose Cordova is a TV Critic for InBetweenDrafts. Each month, they’ll dive into the biggest things TV has to offer that month or just use the podcast as an excuse to talk about their TV obsessions.

Music: “The Show Must Be Go”

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Katey Stoetzel

Katey is co-founder and tv editor for InBetweenDrafts. She hosts the “House of the Dragon After Show” and "Between TV" podcasts and can be read in various other places like Inverse and Screen Speck. She wishes desperately the binge model of tv watching would die, but still gets mad when she runs out of episodes of tv to watch.

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