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Between TV Episode 6: ‘Barry’ series finale [Podcast]

By June 11, 2023No Comments2 min read
Photo illustration with Sarah Goldberg and Bill Hader as Sally and Barry in HBO's Barry

One of the greatest television series of the last few years just ended. On this episode of the Between TV podcast, Jose and I are joined by TV critic Valerie Ettenhofer to discuss the Barry series finale.

We start the episode by breaking down the finale itself, with special attention to what we can only assume is the industry’s award season darling “The Mask Collector,” and then go through each characters’ arc across the four seasons. Not to mention the most important question we’ve been asking ourselves for two months—where did the title music go?

Throughout the discussion, we mention plenty of wonderful articles about Barry written throughout the season. Check them out below.

Barry lands the perfect dismount

Bill Hader’s Directing In Barry Season 4 Reminded Stephen Root Of The Coen Brothers

Sally’s Choice Is The Most Quietly Tragic Part Of An Extra-Dark Episode Of Barry

A bittersweet goodbye to ‘Barry’: The cast on the dramatic turns of the hit man comedy

Time Stamps:

Intro: 0.00-2:24

Finale: 2:24-21:26

Barry’s arc: 21:26-34:26

Gene’s arc: 34:26-49:06

Hank’s arc: 49:06-55:58

Sally’s arc: 55:58-1:09:54

Cristobal: 1:09:54-1:15:45

Fuches’ arc: 1:15:45-1:22:56

Jim’s arc: 1:22:56-1:29:18

John’s arc: 1:29:18-1:35:34

Time jump, good or bad?: 1:35:34-1:40:15

Was Barry a comedy in Season 4?: 1:40:15-1:44:38

RIP Title Card Music: 1:44:38-1:47:51

Favorite Season 4 Moment, Favorite Season 1-4 Moments: 1:47:51-1:58:51

Bill Hader, filmmaker: 1:58:51-2:04:35

Outro: 2:04:35-2:07:37

Feature images courtesy of HBO. Photo illustration by Katey Stoetzel.

Katey Stoetzel

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