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CASETiFY’s ‘Chainsaw Man’ collection tears its way to your phone

By August 24, 2023No Comments3 min read
CASETiFY 'Chainsaw Man' iPhone cases on display, featuring Kobeni, Aki, Power, Denji, and Makima.

Chainsaw Man, one of InBetweenDrafts’s best anime of last year, doesn’t have a season two announcement quite yet. Thankfully, anime-only fans have been able to stave off the wait both with other excellent series and the increasing amount of merch that’s now available. One such drop comes from CASETiFY, maker of tech accessories, with a pretty awesome line of Chainsaw Man inspired designs.

The collection is full of some clever designs, particularly the Pochita inspired items. CASETiFY has made several different expressions of Denji’s best friend on orange phone cases, plus sticker styles that make it look like you’ve personally decorated your device without having to put any actual stickers on it, which is a popular design across CASETiFY’s anime lines. If you’re looking for the members of Tokyo Public Safety themselves, they’re all here too. Every fan favorite gets a distinctive design to reflect your favorite – even Kobeni. Each design reflects not just the anime’s design of each character but includes elements that reflect aspects of their background and what we learned about them in the anime’s first season. There’s a bit more nuance to these designs than a traditional licensed product.

Image via CASETiFY

CASETiFY kindly sent some samples for me to take a closer look as well. As someone who has personally picked up previous CASETiFY drops, I’m pleased to report consistency with these samples. The vibrant red case depicting Chainsaw Man himself looks great on my spouse’s Samsung Galaxy S22, with the design having a slight textured feel, which does prevent the case from feeling slippery in the hand. This design goes hand in hand with the Galaxy Buds2+ case I also received, depicting Denji’s chainsaw head and the pull cord that unleashes this form. The case did fit around the Buds’s charging case well, while also having just the right kind of gap to remove if needed. The coloring is a bit dark, both to see the design and also the Lavender color of the Buds charger. That said, the included clip is lightweight and very welcome for making sure the whole unit doesn’t get lost. 

Additionally, while iPhone fans definitely eat the best, that I was able to try these out on my Android devices at all is extremely welcome. Being able to get cases for Galaxy Buds devices at all is not something CASETiFY was doing before. It would still be nice to see some more options available (Galaxy and Pixel owners just aren’t going to get as much glorious Pochita) but it does look like CASETiFY is heading that way. In any case, the real highlight of the collection is the excellent water bottle that is also on offer. Available in two sizes, the black metal bottle has a strong ring built into its lid that folds down when not in use and features all kinds of Chainsaw Man motifs etched into it, from Pochita and Meowy to the “Easy Revenge” cigarette. My personal favorite is Power being featured in a very expected misspelling of her own name as “Powor.” Much like all the accessories in the collection, it’s the exact kind of nerdy bottle I’ll be proud to carry around. 

If you’re interested in the collection, you can check it out now on CASETiFY’s website and sort by your device. You can also use CASETiFY’s Co-Lab app for easy access to the drop. The Chainsaw Man collection will only be available for a limited time, so make like Denji and chase your bliss! 

Chainsaw Man is available on Crunchyroll and Hulu.

Sample product and press shots provided by CASETiFY

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