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‘Nancy Drew’ 4×05 review: “The Oracle of the Whispering Remains” pairs George with an unlikely ally

By July 1, 2023No Comments4 min read
Characters from Nancy Drew Season 4 stand in a line facing the camera but looking off screen.

Why can’t Ace and Nancy be together on The CW’s Nancy Drew? This curse is hurting us more than the star-crossed lovers. “The Oracle of the Whispering Remains” further cemented how reluctant both Ace and Nancy want to move on from each other. They love each other; they have a love that can’t compare to many others. Their heartbreaking scenes teased them needing to explore other options, but they’ll hopefully find their way back to each other. Nancy Drew Season 4 wouldn’t let them end like that. No way, it can’t be. It’s way too early to give up hope yet.

“The Oracle of the Whispering Remains” had some of the most “Nace” tension-filled moments yet. And we’re not even talking about their tension during the historical societal event; their longing looks and open conversations here eclipsed everything in the past. It’s a strong direction for both characters to acknowledge how unfair the curse against them has made their lives, and how deep their love for each other truly is. The conversation is the most honest either has ever been about their feelings. I liked that, even amidst their supernatural curse, it was a very grounded conversation that was framed around how healthy they could be as a couple.

Will Nancy and Ace give up and move on to other people? Most likely not. Their chemistry is off the charts and Nancy Drew fans would be in an uproar. “Nace” is the hopeful endgame. Potentially, a new love interest might pop up here and there for a while, like bad boy Tristan, but the stakes won’t last when the shipping goals are put into the mix. Their storyline seems like it will be one of the overarching threads connecting the story together (we don’t hate it see it). Until then, we can still enjoy the randomness of their dating attempts, like Nancy being forced into speed dating.

The main mystery of “The Oracle of the Whispering Remains” brought us right back to the main case, and thankfully, it pushed the plot forward to give us some new developments. Even though the pacing focused mostly on just the teeth, the movement felt quick and easy. Whatever curse or ritual that caused the branding on the teeth must be a very powerful one; those victims have gone back for over a century. And with Horseshoe Bay having more artifacts and research on those symbols, it became clear that more people are involved in this story.

Including that creepy creature by the lake! Could it be the manifestation of the curse or the demon feeding off the black goo/hidden evil? The design looked like a cross between the Demogorgon from Stranger Things and the Wendigo from Until Dawn. The Drew Crew should be scared because those creatures most faced and they’re vicious. If anyone gets in its way, they’ll most likely be torn to shreds.

Some of the best parts of “The Oracle of the Whispering Remains” was the use of returning characters and characters connected to the Drew Crew. Like Bess using her magic to turn the town’s water red; that move was pretty brilliant. The move being inspired by a tradition Ace’s mom does during Passover was a great way to expand his character’s history, along with more details about his family. His mom has many interesting tidbits and stories – we need to see her around more.

Edwin’s return was an exciting surprise for this episode’s mystery. He so wants to be in George’s life and be forgiven. He knows he made a mistake, so he’ll have to work for it. George making amends and allowing him into her life slowly was a huge moment for her. She doesn’t take down her walls often, so for her try, it showed that she’s ready to start healing her pain. Plus, it gives them more opportunities to have adventures together. Their father/daughter trip to the school was hilarious because it didn’t seem like them at all!

Contrasting them was the frustration that Nancy felt for Ryan. He’s a lovable goof, and he’s trying to be a good father to her. His journey into artifact collecting and revenge against the Glass family will only get him into trouble. However, he needs to do something to be free of this mess. His new friend from speed dating could be the spark to help him on his mission. Though, they seemed more like a flirtation than a collaboration. Does anyone else think they’re going to start hooking up? The sparks were flying between them.

“The Oracle of the Whispering Remains” filled in more pieces to the overall story of the black goo and the reanimated corpses. The misadventure with the teeth sparked a new mission, but the focus on the characters’ growths and their chats was the main draw. George, as well as “Nace,” got the big moments they needed for a final season.  

Nancy Drew airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

  • 'Nancy Drew' 4x05 - 7/10
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