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‘Spy x Family’ review: The Forgers go on vacation in “Plan to Cross the Border”

By November 5, 2023No Comments3 min read
Anya is in wonder at the Forger's destination in "Spy x Family"

It’s Yor’s episode this week in Spy x Family , “Plan to Cross the Border”, as the Thorn Princess receives an important mission providing protection for the Gretcher family, which consists of a widow and her son. They need to cross the border under the radar without attracting mafia assassins.

Yor’s given this mission from her boss, The Shopkeeper, who resides in a garden-type environment. Whatever company Yor works for, their mission is to “keep the world beautiful.” If that means certain people need to get killed to achieve that goal, then so be it. But this is a protection mission, which means Yor’s required to be gone from her family for a few days. Luckily, her manager at City Hall also works for The Shopkeeper, and she’s able to leave under the guise of a City Hall work trip. 

But Yor’s run in with Yuri on her way home makes her start questioning her work as Thorn Princess. She originally started taking jobs as a way to take care of herself and Yuri when they were young. But now that Yuri has his own job and can take care of himself, Yor doesn’t really need to be Thorn Princess anymore. 

It’s too late to make a decision now — the protection job is underway. Anya has cheated her way onto the cruise ship that is being used to get the Gretcher family across. Which means that Anya and Loid are joining Yor on her work trip, which is a great set up for plenty of secret identity shenanigans. Loud’s able to get time off because his boss suggests that a vacation is necessary for Operation Strix. 

Anya’s excitement about seeing the ocean for the first time and the cruise’s many amenities is adorable. Loud’s inability to stop being a spy is endearing, too; but it’s Yor’s connection with Shaty Gretcher and her son that gives us more insight into Yor’s character. When Shaty questions why Yor is so worried about her family spotting her, saying that “they are just a cover,” Yor’s despair at the truth is immediate. Shaty convinces Yor to let her and her son out onto the ship’s deck for some fresh air, which allows both Yor and Shaty to relax more, something they both have probably lacked lately. 

Learning more about Shaty’s experience as a widow of a mafia boss reinforces Yor’s desire to be good at her job. However, it seems that the other assassins beat them to the ship. Listening devices have been placed throughout the ship, and an unknown person catches Shaty and Yor’s conversation on the deck when Shaty mentions their real names. 

“Plan to Cross the Border” ends on that cliffhanger as danger lurks on the ship. Luckily, there’s an assassin, a spy, and a mind reader on board. Perhaps this enclosed location will force the three family members to reveal their secret identities to each other in order to save the day. 

Spy x Family Season 2 drops new episodes on Crunchyroll and Hulu every Saturday.

Featured image ©Tatsuya Endo/Shueisha, SPY x FAMILY Project

  • Spy x Family: "Plan to Cross the Border" - 9/10
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