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The Best New Books of September

By September 6, 2023No Comments23 min read

This list of the best new books of September is long. There’s just too many good books releasing this month and they all deserved to be highlighted. I especially wanted to include all of the incredible Indigenous Authors who have books releasing this month.

And if you’re the type to celebrate National Awareness Days/Holidays, September 6th is “National Read A Book Day. A good day to buy or borrow some of the best new books of the month! If you need more suggestions, feel free to check out our August list!

The Dark Lord’s Daughter by Patricia C. Wrede

Sometimes you need a palate cleanser read–something that is a little different from what your normal fare. This fantasy middle-grade novel is an adventurous and quick read no matter what age you are. The perfect palate cleanser.

Synopsis: Kayla is just an ordinary girl . . . or so she thinks. When a day at the state fair is interrupted by the news that she’s the daughter of a “Dark Lord,” she and her family are quickly whisked to another world—one that’s chock-full of magic but lacking in technology!

As her family encounters fantastical creatures in place of their Earthly gadgets, Kayla must prepare for the unpreparable: meeting her father, the Dark Lord himself, for the very first time. All Kayla wants is to go home, but she must learn magic to do so. The catch? For the Dark Lord’s daughter, the road to mastering magic is filled with evil traditions.

As she ventures closer to her father, Kayla must decide whether to accept her birthright. Is she destined for darkness? Or can she become a new kind of Dark Lady?

Release Date: September 5, 2023, via Random House Books For Young Readers. Order here.

The September House by Carissa Orlando

If you want to start spooky season a little early, try The September House. A dark haunted house novel that comes highly recommended by horror greats Grady Hendrix and Rachel Harrison!

Synopsis: A woman is determined to stay in her dream home even after it becomes a haunted nightmare in this compulsively readable, twisty, and layered debut novel. When Margaret and her husband Hal bought the large Victorian house on Hawthorn Street–for sale at a surprisingly reasonable price–they couldn’t believe they finally had a home of their own. Then they discovered the hauntings. Every September, the walls drip blood. The ghosts of former inhabitants appear, and all of them are terrified of something that lurks in the basement. Most people would flee.

Margaret is not most people.

Margaret is staying. It’s her house. But after four years Hal can’t take it anymore, and he leaves abruptly. Now, he’s not returning calls, and their daughter Katherine–who knows nothing about the hauntings–arrives, intent on looking for her missing father. To make things worse, September has just begun, and with every attempt Margaret and Katherine make at finding Hal, the hauntings grow more harrowing, because there are some secrets the house needs to keep.

Release Date: September 5, 2023, via Berkley. Order here.

Enchanted To Meet You by Meg Cabot 

I will never not be excited for a new Meg Cabot book, and since one is releasing this month, you can bet that it’s making the best new books list of September list. I was obsessed with her Mediator and 1-800-Missing series as a pre-teen and my love for her writing has only grown as an adult. This new series, the Witches of West Harbor, has all the makings of a Meg Cabot book–swoony romance, humor and a relatable and loveable heroine you’re willing to follow over the course of a series with gusto. 

Synopsis: In her teenage years, lovelorn Jessica Gold cast a spell that went disastrously wrong, and brought her all the wrong kind of attention—as well as a lifetime ban from the World Council of Witches.

So no one is more surprised than Jess when, fifteen years later, tall, handsome WCW member Derrick Winters shows up in her quaint little village of West Harbor and claims that Jess is the Chosen One.

Not chosen by West Harbor’s snobby elite to style them for the town’s tricentennial ball—though Jess owns the chicest clothing boutique in town. And not chosen finally to be on the WCW, either—not that Jess would have said yes, anyway, since she’s done with any organization that tries to dictate what makes a “true” witch.

No, Jess has been chosen to help save West Harbor itself . . . 

But just when Jess is beginning to think that she and Derrick might have a certain magic of their own—and not of the supernatural variety—Jess learns he may not be who she thought he was.

 And suddenly Jess finds herself having to make another kind of choice: trust Derrick and work with him to combat the sinister force battling to bring down West Harbor, or use her gift as she always has: to keep herself, and her heart, safe.

Release Date: September 5, 2023, via Avon Books. Order here. 

This Dark Descent by Kalyn Josephson

You should know that I will read ANYTHING that is compared to Scorpio Races. This Dark Descent is basically Scorpio Races meet Peaky Blinders but with Jewish folklore. Obviously, I am so in and had to include it on our best new books list. And you should be too, because it sounds awesome.

Synopsis:   Mikira Rusel’s family has long been famous for breeding enchanted horses, but their prestige is no match for their rising debts. To save her ranch, Mikira has only one option: she must win the Illinir, a treacherous horserace whose riders either finish maimed or murdered. Yet each year, competitors return, tempted by its alluring prize money and unparalleled prestige.

Mikira’s mission soon unites her with Arielle Kadar, an impressive yet illicit enchanter just beginning to come into her true power, and Damien Adair, a dashing young lord in the midst of a fierce succession battle. Both have hidden reasons of their own to help Mikira — as well as their own blood feuds to avenge…

Steeped in Jewish folklore, This Dark Descent is a pulse-pounding new fantasy full of forbidden magic, sizzling romance, and epic stakes. In a world as dangerous as this, will the need for vengeance butcher Mikira’s chances of winning the Illinir … or will another rider’s dagger?

Release Date: September 6, 2023, via Macmillan. Order Here.

Saving Sunshine by Saadia Faruqi and illustrated by Shazleen Khan

Saving Sunshine is a graphic novel about bickering siblings who must put their differences aside to save a turtle. It makes the best new books list because I love graphic novels, especially graphic novels with heart. Anyone who has ever fought for their sibling, felt out of place or had to put their differences aside for a common goal will find a lot to love about this big-hearted story.

Synopsis: It’s even harder when you’re constantly fighting your sibling–and Zara and Zeeshan really can’t stand each other. During a family trip to Florida, when the bickering, shoving, and insults reach new heights of chaos, their parents sentence them to the worst possible fate– each other’s company! But when the twins find an ailing turtle, it presents a rare opportunity for teamwork–if the two can put their differences aside at last.
From Saadia Faruqi and Shazleen Khan comes a relatable, funny, and heart-wrenchingly honest story of Muslim American siblings learning how to build each other up in a world that is too often unkind.

Release Date: September 5, 2023, via Macmillan. Order here. 

Into The Bright Open: A Secret Garden Remix by Cherie Dimaline 

The whole entire Remixed Classics line from Macmillan is perfection. Into The Bright Open Stars by Cherie Dimaline is no exception. This Queer retelling featuring indigenous characters is just the spin that one of my favorite classics, The Secret Garden, needs. 

Synopsis: Mary Lennox didn’t think about death until the day it knocked politely on her bedroom door and invited itself in. When a terrible accident leaves her orphaned at fifteen, she is sent to the wilderness of the Georgian Bay to live with an uncle she’s never met.

At first the impassive, calculating girl believes this new manor will be just like the one she left in Toronto: cold, isolating, and anything but cheerful, where staff is treated as staff and never like family. But as she slowly allows her heart to open like the first blooms of spring, Mary comes to find that this strange place and its strange people—most of whom are Indigenous—may be what she can finally call home.

Then one night Mary discovers Olive, her cousin who has been hidden away in an attic room for years due to a “nervous condition.” The girls become fast friends, and Mary wonders why this big-hearted girl is being kept out of sight and fed medicine that only makes her feel sicker. When Olive’s domineering stepmother returns to the manor, it soon becomes clear that something sinister is going on.

With the help of a charming, intoxicatingly vivacious Metis girl named Sophie, Mary begins digging further into family secrets both wonderful and horrifying to figure out how to free Olive. And some of the answers may lie within the walls of a hidden, overgrown, and long-forgotten garden the girls stumble upon while wandering the wilds…

Release Date: September 5, 2023, via Macmillan. Order here. 

Phoebe’s Diary by Phoebe Wahl

The uber talented Phoebe Wahl (if you haven’t read her Little Witch Hazel, drop what you’re doing and get that book now) makes the best new books of September list because she has created something that perfectly captures the insecurity and wonder of being a teenager in this creative, real and hilarious graphic novel. 

Synopsis: Meet Phoebe. She’s cool and insecure, talented and vulnerable, sexy and awkward, driven and confused, ecstatic and tragic.

Like you.

And here is her diary, packed full of invaluable friends and heartbreaking crushes, spectacular playlists and vintage outfits, drama nerds and art kids, old wounds and new love. Based on her own teenage diary, Phoebe Wahl has melded truth with fiction and art with text, casting a spell that brings readers deep into the experience of growing up.

Release Date: September 5, 2023, via Little, Brown Books For Young Readers. Order here. 

The Meadows by Stephanie Oakes

The first book that came to mind when I read this description was Wilder Girls, one of my favorite books. Like Wilder Girls, The Meadows is about an isolated boarding school, but its also queer and has a mystery at the heart of it. 

Synopsis: Everyone hopes for a letter–to attend the Estuary, the Glades, the Meadows. These are the special places where only the best and brightest go to burn even brighter.

When Eleanor is accepted at the Meadows, it means escape from her hardscrabble life by the sea, in a country ravaged by climate disaster. But despite its luminous facilities, endless fields, and pretty things, the Meadows keeps dark secrets: its purpose is to reform students, to condition them against their attractions, to show them that one way of life is the only way to survive. And maybe Eleanor would believe them, except then she meets Rose.

Four years later, Eleanor and her friends seem free of the Meadows, changed but not as they’d hoped. Eleanor is an adjudicator, her job to ensure her former classmates don’t stray from the lives they’ve been trained to live. But Eleanor can’t escape her past . . . or thoughts of the girl she once loved. As secrets unfurl, Eleanor must wage a dangerous battle for her own identity and the truth of what happened to the girl she lost, knowing, if she’s not careful, Rose’s fate could be her own.

A raw and timely masterwork of speculative fiction, The Meadows will sink its roots into you. This is a novel for our times and for always–not to be missed.

Release Date: September 12, 2023, via Dial Books. Order here.

The Improbable Tales of Baskerville Hall by Ali Standish

A Sherlockian middle-grade about a young Arthur Conan Doyle at a school for gifted children? No doubt fans of Sherlock Holmes will love this series. This is also a must read if you love Enola Holmes or the Premediated Myrtle series by Elizabeth C. Bunce.

Synopsis: When young Arthur Conan Doyle is offered a spot at Baskerville Hall, a secret school for extraordinarily gifted children, he is elated at being chosen–and being given a chance to turn his family’s fortunes around. There, Arthur makes quick friends with Irene Eagle, a girl who boldly strides into action, and Jimmie Moriarty, a boy whose brilliance rivals Arthur’s own. Together, they discover that their new school is a peculiar place, home to leaning towers and unexplained explosions, prowling wolves and extinct birds.

Arthur quickly makes enemies, too– deadly foes who wants him expelled . . . or worse. When Arthur and his friends are invited into a powerful secret society called the Clover, they must pass three challenging tests to be accepted. But along the way, Arthur uncovers a mystery that will lead to grand adventure . . . and even greater danger.

Release Date: September 12, 2023, HarperCollins. Order here.

Witch of Wild Things by Raquel Vasquez Gilliland

Racquel Vasquez’s Gilliland’s Sia Martinez and the Moonlit Beginning of Everything is such a wonderful book. I knew immediately after finishing it that I would read anything the author wrote after that. This new novel seems as unique, easily making it one of the best new books of September.

Synopsis: Legend goes that long ago a Flores woman offended the old gods, and their family was cursed as a result. Now, every woman born to the family has a touch of magic.

Sage Flores has been running from her family–and their “gifts”–ever since her younger sister Sky died. Eight years later, Sage reluctantly returns to her hometown. Like slipping into an old, comforting sweater, Sage takes back her job at Cranberry Rose Company and uses her ability to communicate with plants to discover unusual heritage specimens in the surrounding lands.

What should be a simple task is complicated by her partner in botany sleuthing: Tennessee Reyes. He broke her heart in high school, and she never fully recovered. Working together is reminding her of all their past tender, genuine moments–and new feelings for this mature sexy man are starting to take root in her heart.

With rare plants to find, a dead sister who keeps bringing her coffee, and another sister whose anger fills the sky with lightning, Sage doesn’t have time for romance. But being with Tenn is like standing in the middle of a field on the cusp of a summer thunderstorm–supercharged and inevitable.

Release Date: September 12, 2023, via Penguin Publishing Group. Order here.

Those Pink Mountains by Jen Ferguson

Jen Ferguson has proven she’s a writer to watch. Like her award-winning debut, The Summer of Bitter and Sweet, this is a hard-hitting heavy story. Please read the trigger warnings. It makes the best new books list because of its cathartic and empowering message. Especially as it relates to Indigenous people in Canada (Jen is biracial–Metis and Canadian settler).

Synopsis: Overachievement isn’t a bad word–for Berlin, it’s the goal. She’s securing excellent grades, planning her future, and working a part-time job at Pink Mountain Pizza, a legendary local business. Who says she needs a best friend by her side?

Dropping out of high school wasn’t smart–but it was necessary for Cameron. Since his cousin Kiki’s disappearance, it’s hard enough to find the funny side of life, especially when the whole town has forgotten Kiki. To them, she’s just another missing Native girl.

People at school label Jessie a tease, a rich girl–and honestly, she’s both. But Jessie knows she contains multitudes. Maybe her new job crafting pizzas will give her the high-energy outlet she desperately wants.

When the weekend at Pink Mountain Pizza takes several unexpected turns, all three teens will have to acknowledge the various ways they’ve been hurt–and how much they need each other to hold it all together.

Release Date: September 12, 2023, via Heartdrum. Order here.

Your Lonely Nights Are Over by Adam Sass

If you went through teen movie horror phase this book is for you. This book has the feel of a campy teen horror movie. If that wasn’t a reason for the book to make the best new books list, how about this? Your Lonley Nights Are Over is queerer and more fun.

Synopsis: Dearie and Cole are inseparable, unlikeable, and (in bad luck for them) totally unbelievable.

From the day they met, Dearie and Cole have been two against the world. But whenever something bad happens at Stone Grove High School, they get blamed. Why? They’re beautiful, flirtatious, dangerously clever queen bees, and they’re always ready to call out their fellow students. But they’ve never faced a bigger threat than surviving senior year, when Mr. Sandman, a famous, never-caught serial killer emerges from a long retirement–and his hunting ground is their school Queer Club.

As evidence and bodies begin piling up and suspicion points at Dearie and Cole, they will need to do whatever it takes to unmask the real killer before they and the rest of Queer Club are taken down. But they’re not getting away from the killer without a fight.

Along the way, they must confront dark truths hidden beneath the surface of their small desert community. When the world is stacked against them and every flop they know is a suspect, can Dearie and Cole stop Mr. Sandman’s rampage? Or will their lonely nights soon be over . . .

Release Date: September 12, 2023, via Viking Books For Young Readers. Order here.

Eagle Drums by Nasugraq Rainey Hopson

A middle-grade novel that combines Indigenous Alaskan culture and myth, this debut by Nasurgraq Rainey Hopson was inspired by Iñupiaq tradition and is a gripping and fascinating read. 

Synopsis: As his family prepares for winter, a young, skilled hunter must travel up the mountain to collect obsidian for knapping–the same mountain where his two older brothers died.
When he reaches the mountaintop, he is immediately confronted by a terrifying eagle god named Savik. Savik gives the boy a choice: follow me or die like your brothers.
What comes next is a harrowing journey to the home of the eagle gods and unexpected lessons on the natural world, the past that shapes us, and the community that binds us.

Eagle Drums by Nasuġraq Rainey Hopson is part cultural folklore, part origin myth about the Messenger’s Feast – which is still celebrated in times of bounty among the Iñupiaq. It’s the story of how Iñupiaq people were given the gift of music, song, dance, community, and everlasting tradition. 

Release Date: September 12, 2023, via Macmillan. Order here. 

Autumn Peltier, Water Warrior by Carole Lindstrom and illustrated by Bridget George

This inspiring picture book is a necessary read for all ages. A beautifully told and illustrated book is about Indigenous Rights Activists and the important change they are working toward. 
The seventh generation is creating
A sea of change.

It was a soft voice, at first.
Like a ripple.
But with practice it grew louder.

Indigenous women have always worked tirelessly to protect our water—keeping it pure and clean for the generations to come. Yet there was a time when their voices and teachings were nearly drowned out, leaving entire communities and environments in danger and without clean water.

But then came Grandma Josephine and her great-niece, Autumn Peltier.

Featuring a foreword from water advocate and Indigenous Rights Activist Autumn Peltier herself, this stunning picture book from New York Times-bestselling author Carole Lindstrom and illustrator Bridget George gives voice to the water and asks young readers to join the tidal wave of change.

Release Date: September 19, 2023, via Macmillan. Order here.

Dog Town by Katherine Applegate, Gennifer Choldenko and illustrated by Wallace West

Bestselling middle-grade authors Katherine Applegate and Gennifer Choldenko have paired up to create a heartwarming illustrated novel. And maybe I included it in the best new books list because it reminds me of Homeward Bound. If you have no idea what that is, just trust me. If you like the idea of stray dogs adventuring to find their forever homes, you’ll love this book. 
Synopsis: Dogtown is a shelter for stray dogs, misbehaving dogs, and discarded robot dogs, whose owners have outgrown them.
Chance, a real dog, has been in Dogtown since her owners unwittingly left her with irresponsible dog-sitters who skipped town.
Metal Head is a robot dog who dreams of being back in a real home.
And Mouse is a mouse who has the run of Dogtown, pilfering kibble, and performing clever feats to protect the dogs he loves.
When Chance and Metal Head embark on an adventure to find their forever homes, there is danger, cheese sandwiches, a charging station, and some unexpected kindnesses along the way.

Release Date: September 19, 2023, via Macmillan. Order here.

 The Forest Grimm by Katheryn Purdie

If you like YA fantasy with a hint of survival and twists, pick up Katheryn Purdie’s The Forest Grimm. Especially if you enjoy fractured fairy-tales!

Synopsis: “Tell me again, Grandmère, the story of how I die.” The Midnight Forest. The Fanged Creature. Two fortune-telling cards that spell an untimely death for 17-year-old Clara. Despite the ever-present warning from her fortune-teller grandmother, Clara embarks on a dangerous journey into the deadly Forest Grimm to procure a magical book–Sortes Fortunae, the Book of Fortunes–with the power to reverse the curse on her village and save her mother.

Years ago, when the villagers whispered their deepest desires to the book, its pages revealed how to obtain them. All was well until someone used the book for an evil purpose–to kill another person. Afterward, the branches of the Forest Grimm snatched the book away, the well water in Grimm’s Hollow turned rancid, and the crops died from disease. The villagers tried to make amends with the forest, but every time someone crossed its border, they never returned. Now, left with no alternative, Clara and her close friend, Axel–who is fated never to be with her–have set their minds to defying fate and daring to accomplish what no one else has been able to before. But the forest–alive with dark, deadly twists on some of our most well-known fairy tales–has a mind of its own.

Release Date: September 19, 2023, Wednesday Books. Order here.

A Study In Drowning by Ava Reid

A rivals to lovers romance set in a crumbling, isolated mansion? This book is a perfect atmospheric read for the beginning of Fall, don’t you think?

Synopsis: Effy Sayre has always believed in fairy tales. Haunted by visions of the Fairy King since childhood, she’s had no choice. Her tattered copy of Angharad–Emrys Myrddin’s epic about a mortal girl who falls in love with the Fairy King, then destroys him–is the only thing keeping her afloat. So when Myrddin’s family announces a contest to redesign the late author’s estate, Effy feels certain it’s her destiny.

But musty, decrepit Hiraeth Manor is an impossible task, and its residents are far from welcoming. Including Preston Héloury, a stodgy young literature scholar determined to expose Myrddin as a fraud. As the two rivals piece together clues about Myrddin’s legacy, dark forces, both mortal and magical, conspire against them–and the truth may bring them both to ruin.

Release Date: September 19, 2023. HarperTeen. Order here.

A Sky of Paper Stars by Susie Yi 

A moving and at times heartbreaking graphic novel about ill-fated wishes, fitting in and loss. Bring the tissues with you when you read one of the best new books of September. But don’t be afraid to attempt this emotional story.

Synopsis: All Yuna wants is to belong. She wants to go to sleepovers, have a smart phone, and go to summer camp—just like her friends in middle school.

Furious at her Umma for never packing her a “normal” American lunch, they get into yet another fight. Out of options and miserable, Yuna remembers a legend that her grandma, Halmoni, told her. If you fold 1,000 paper stars, you will be granted one wish.

When she reaches 1,000 paper stars, Yuna wishes for her family to move back to Korea, where she can finally be normal. Seconds later: a knock at her door. It’s her sister with devastating news. Halmoni has died and they must go back to Korea to attend the funeral.

Yuna knows this is all her fault. As her guilt builds, her body begins to turn into paper. Yuna realizes she must undo her wish and bring her Halmoni back—or turn into paper forever.

Wholly heartbreaking and with light touches of magic realism, A Sky of Paper Stars is a captivating graphic novel about identity, family, and the love that can bridge generations.

Release Date: September 26, 2023, via Macmillan. Order here. 

Down Came The Rain by Jennifer Matthieu

As we grapple with our ever-changing environment, the need for more books that reflect our worry over the growing climate crisis and its effect on us becomes greater. Jennifer Matthieu’s latest is a timely, necessary read for our present and future. 

Synopsis: After Hurricane Harvey destroys Eliza’s home in Houston, she is forced to transfer to Southwest High School. Traumatized by the floods and anxious in her new surroundings, Eliza throws herself into environmental activism, even if it’s against the wishes of her Big Oil dad.

But when she meets Javi – a boy who has experienced climate-related trauma of his own – she’s finally able to connect with someone over the devastating mental effects of ecological disaster.

Filled with nuanced themes of mental health, classism, and eco-anxiety, Down Came the Rain is a riveting and moving tale of friendship, first love, and what it means to grow up in an ever-changing world.

Release Date: September 26, 2023, via Roaring Book Press. Order here.

Afterlove by Tanya Byrne 

Afterlove makes the list of best new books of September list for a unique and compelling premise. If you crave sapphic romances and books destined to make you cry, be sure to add Afterlove to your TBR.

Synopsis: When Ashana Persaud meets Poppy Morgan on a school trip, she’s sure it’s too good to be true. Ash has never had much luck with girls, but Poppy proves different. Coffee dates turn to museum trips until, soon, the two girls can see a future together―one that’s seemingly snatched from them when a hit-and-run takes Ash’s life on New Year’s Eve.

As the last person to die before midnight, Ash is bestowed the title of reaper, tasked with finding lost souls and helping them cross over. Only those close to death can perceive a reaper, so when Ash runs into Poppy one lonely night―and Poppy recognizes her―they can’t be sure if it’s the second chance they’ve so desperately wished for, or a tragedy lying in wait.

Release Date: September 26, 2023, via Square Fish. Order here.

Mermaids Never Drown edited by Zoraida Cordova and Natalie C. Parker

The idea of a diverse mermaid anthology is ingenious and I’m shocked it hasn’t been done before. Luckily, in Zoraida Cordova and Natalie C. Parker’s deft editorial hands, we’re treated to a wide variety of stories, each as exciting and original as the next. 

Synopsis: A Vietnamese mermaid caught between two worlds. A siren who falls for Poseidon’s son. A boy secretly pining for the merboy who saved him years ago. A storm that brings humans and mermaids together. Generations of family secrets and pain.

Edited by Zoraida Córdova and Natalie C. Parker, Mermaids Never Drown features beloved authors like Darcie Little Badger, Kalynn Bayron, Preeti Chhibber, Rebecca Coffindaffer, Julie C. Dao, Maggie Tokuda-Hall, Adriana Herrera, June Hur, Katherine Locke, Kerri Maniscalco, Julie Murphy, Gretchen Schreiber, and Julian Winters.

Release Date: September 26, 2023, via Macmillan. Order here.

Thieves’ Gambit by Kayvion Lewis 

Described as The Inheritance Games meets Ocean’s Eleven, sounds pretty incredible. If you’re looking to start your Fall TBR with a high-stakes, fast-moving and absorbing read, I think this is it. 

Synopsis: At only seventeen years old, Ross Quest is already a master thief, especially adept at escape plans. Until her plan to run away from her legendary family of thieves takes an unexpected turn, leaving her mother’s life hanging in the balance.

In a desperate bid, she enters the Thieves’ Gambit, a series of dangerous, international heists where killing the competition isn’t exactly off limits, but the grand prize is a wish for anything in the world–a wish that could save her mom. When she learns two of her competitors include her childhood nemesis and a handsome, smooth-talking guy who might also want to steal her heart, winning the Gambit becomes trickier than she imagined.

Ross tries her best to stick to the family creed: trust no one whose last name isn’t Quest. But with the stakes this high, Ross will have to decide who to con and who to trust before time runs out. After all, only one of them can win.

Release Date: September 26, 2023, via Nancy Paulsen Books. Order here

The Wakeup Call by Beth O’Leary

Beth O’Leary will be an auto-buy author for me, always. After reading The Flatshare, I knew her blend of humor, romance, and feels was a solid 5 stars. I can’t wait to read this new one and fall in love with her writing once again. Read for yourself and find out why it makes my list of the best new books of the month.

Synopsis: Two hotel receptionists–and arch-rivals–find a collection of old wedding rings and compete to return them to their owners, discovering their own love story along the way. It’s the busiest season of the year, and Forest Manor Hotel is quite literally falling apart. So when Izzy and Lucas are given the same shift on the hotel’s front desk, they have no choice but to put their differences aside and see it through. The hotel won’t stay afloat beyond Christmas without some sort of miracle. But when Izzy returns a guest’s lost wedding ring, the reward convinces management that this might be the way to fix everything. With four rings still sitting in the lost & found, the race is on for Izzy and Lucas to save their beloved hotel–and their jobs.

As their bitter rivalry turns into something much more complicated, Izzy and Lucas begin to wonder if there’s more at stake here than the hotel’s future. Can the two of them make it through the season with their hearts intact?

Release Date: September 26, 2023, via Berkley Books. Order here.

Featured image courtesy of Macmillan/Penguin/Avon/Harpercollins

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