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The four best episodes of variety series Going Seventeen 

By February 27, 2023No Comments4 min read

The South Korean 13-member group, SEVENTEEN, has succeeded immensely since their debut in 2015. The group’s known for their self-produced music and high-energy performances that incorporate elements of hip-hop, pop, and R&B. They have released multiple hit songs such as “Adore U,” “Very Nice,” “Don’t Wanna Cry,” “Clap,” “Home,” and “Left & Right.” Besides their music and performances, SEVENTEEN are also known to be funny and entertaining, with their variety web series, “Going Seventeen,” as proof.

In South Korea, variety shows are a popular form of entertainment that feature a range of formats, including talk shows, game shows, reality shows, and comedy programs. These shows often feature celebrities and idols as hosts or guests and are known for their engaging and humorous content. Driven by light-hearted humor, the members of Seventeen engage in various challenges, games, and other entertaining content in “Going Seventeen.” The web series has a list of five seasons and 183 episodes.   

To honor the return of “Going Seventeen” on March 1, here are the four best episodes of the series to get started with, especially if you’re a new fan.

1. Debate Night

In this segment of going seventeen, the members stage a mock debate on various nonsensical topics, such as whether it is better to live with three hands or three heads, be in a 60-year-old’s body, or a 6-year-olds. The debates are often filled with humor and playful banter between the members as they go out of their way to make convincing arguments for their respective sides. If you want to watch something fun, witty, and engaging, watch all three debate night episodes from 2019 until 2021.

2. Boo Suengkwan’s Past Life Destiny 

If you’re a fan of parodies or Korean variety shows, you need to watch “Boo Suengkwan’s Past Life Destiny.” Seungkwan is one of the most popular members of Seventeen in South Korea and is widely acknowledged for appearing on Korean variety shows. He is so experienced with his MC’ing skills that one might think he was a variety show host in his previous life, which is precisely what this episode is based on. The members pair up as couples in this parody of a reality dating series to play games. The members must compete to pick their partners, and drama ensues when they get the opportunity to switch. In the end, only one couple wins and is crowned as a couple in their past life.

3. Four Wheeled Rider 

In one of the episodes of Going Seventeen, the producers asked the members to recommend ideas for new episodes. Lead Vocalist, Jeonghan, suggested a real-life Mario Kart race between the members. The two-part episode revealed some of seventeen’s most competitive moments yet as members raced each other on small four-wheeled carts. Once again, the members were divided into two groups. The most exciting part of the episode was the addition of the item races, which included similar themes of Mario Kart, such as getting a booster, having to eat a banana in the middle of a race, or being sprayed by water guns by the other members while racing. The creative idea and the member’s enthusiasm made everything so mucg fun, from Jeonghan’s cheating to the other members forgetting to give Hoshi the booster; this episode was as funny as it was chaotic and a must-watch for anyone looking for a good laugh.

4. Mousebusters

In this three-part Ghostbuster’s inspired episode, all four Seventeen members’ born in year 1996, or the Chinese year of the rat, acted as the mice which the rest of the members had to catch by spraying them with green water filled guns. All three episodes contain some hilarious moments as the rest of the members struggled to catch the mice, who were hiding in a huge warehouse. The highlight of the mousebusters series was when Hoshi, one of the rats, comes out of hiding for two episodes and gets caught immediately. 


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