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Hi, we’re InBetweenDrafts

By November 8, 2022No Comments3 min read

Welcome to InBetweenDrafts, another entertainment website. 

Our aim? To be a home for the endlessly curious. 

Yes, but what does that mean exactly? 

In recent years, due to social media’s dominance over all of our lives, there’s been a lot of discussion about what constitutes a critic. More accurately, what constitutes a “real” critic? Our argument isn’t so much that anyone can do the job but that the learning curve that goes into it is different for all of us. I didn’t go to film school – though I had one excellent film class with a professor who pointed me in the right direction, likely changing my life – but I had the innate curiosity and sleep schedule to want to know and see more to level up, so to speak, with my peers. And friends, I’m still not quite there, but my mode of living is to continually set a bar of competitiveness within myself to keep chasing that carrot, to keep learning, seeing, and absorbing more. 

It was that film class though, and my work at TheYoungFolks, that further educated me, and not just in writing and film. It was a way to learn about the significance of community and that of-perceived dirty word, “networking.” Throw your net, rope people into your world and celebrate one another’s passions for art be it 90s anime, webcam-hosted games of Magic the Gathering, pre-code classics, fantasy romps that leave us wanting more than the pages provide, or television shows where they break into “Under Pressure,” determined to steal your heart. 

Love things, and pursue knowing more about what it is that you love. 

The editors at InBetweenDrafts aren’t just art enthusiasts but also, decidedly, remarkable people who have kicked ass in the past few weeks at getting this website set up and ready to run today. So, hello and welcome, and thank you for stopping by – we hope you come again and we’re certain we’ll make it worthwhile. We are incredibly proud of the team we have, most of whom have worked together before at TheYoungFolks, and we’re nothing but thrilled at the opportunity to further write together and explore the media landscape. There’s so much to discover. 

And really, that’s part of it all too. We are, as our TV Editor Katey put it, always in a state of “in-between drafts.” Our lives shift and with them our opinions on the art we consume. Movies we adored as children are given second glances now while genres we may have brushed off have become beloved. We wish to explore those perception changes and how we engage and react to the art around us.

Allyson Johnson

Based in New England, Allyson is co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of InBetweenDrafts. Former Editor-in-Chief at TheYoungFolks, she is a member of the Boston Society of Film Critics and the Boston Online Film Critics Association. Her writing has also appeared at CambridgeDay, ThePlaylist, Pajiba, VagueVisages, RogerEbert, TheBostonGlobe, Inverse, Bustle, her Substack, and every scrap of paper within her reach.

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