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‘Chucky’ 3×02 review: “Let the Right One In” puts the trio’s plan into action

By October 15, 2023No Comments5 min read

Chucky is making The White House a little extra red lately. This killer doll is racking up the body count quickly, and unfortunately, we’re losing a few beloved friends along the way. “Let the Right One In” brought us into the aftermath of Chucky’s first victim in his newest killing spree, and our favorite dynamic trio desperately tries to find a way into one of the most powerful buildings in the world. If you wanted brewing tension before the coming storm, “Let the Right One In” was the episode for you.

As Chucky Season 3 moves on, we’re learning a great sense about the First Family and the complicated dynamics of this new political landscape. A lot of pressure seems to be placed on keeping President Collins’ squeaky-clean image of “transparency” and “making the first Independent president a success.” With every character in the inner circle bringing it up and now the introduction of Pryce, it feels like this theme will be a strong theme throughout the rest of the season. A new body is discovered? They have to cover it up to protect Collins. It wouldn’t be surprising if this narrative finds its way to the season finale and plenty more victims done away because of everyone keeping the secrets.

Speaking of Pryce, does anyone else think he’s being introduced as the secondary villain? The way he spoke to the First Lady after they discovered Ms. Fairchild’s body was a troubling sign. We got a good sense of his character in those few short actions — he’s secretive and threatening, and he’ll do whatever it takes to accomplish his goal. He was easily ready to fabricate a lie about the dead secret service agent, and there’s no telling what he’ll do to hide Samantha’s and Ms. Fairchild’s bodies. If the First Lady isn’t careful, Pryce will make sure to cover up her mess too.

It’s hard not to feel sympathy for Charlotte. She’s trying her best to keep her family together, and she’s dealing with the loss of a child pre-season, so there is more to the story we don’t know yet about the Collins family. But when Pryce looped her into Samantha’s (and the discovery of Ms. Fairchild), she became trapped in this web of lies and deceit. She should’ve followed her first gut and called the police. A story about a murderer hiding in the building is more accepting of the people instead of their administration keeping everything a secret. And now with the news that her husband is cheating on her, there are more secrets that could tear her family apart. Pryce is leading them all into a falling house of cards.

“Let the Right One In” had two bloody murders that added to Chucky’s kill count. The first is President Collins’ receptionist Samantha in a bloody decapitation with a letter opener. Her death was the kind of campy kill that B-horror movie fans thrive in. Seriously, all Chucky did was slice her throat twice and her head fell off! It was so dramatic and deliciously fun. Samantha’s role came across like easy horror movie fodder ever since she was introduced during the Season 3 premiere. Her days were numbered.

On the other hand, Ms. Fairchild’s death was heartbreaking. Chucky did a great job making us emotionally connected to her character before killing her; the chat she had with Devon/Jake and then her later chat with Charlotte were both emotional moments that tugged at the heart. It’s sad that she’s gone because she did truly care for the kids and she wanted to help them in their fight to stop Chucky. Choking her with the American flag was both shocking and strangely poetic. Chucky is never one to shy away from the symbolism and irony with his kills — it’s just a shame that it had to be Ms. Fairchild.

When it came to the trio, it was a miracle that their plan was successful. Sending an emotional social media message to Grant Collins had the lowest odds of being responded to, let alone him meeting them in person. He’s the President’s son! We’ll just go with it for the purpose of the story. Lexy’s budding relationship with Grant and the growing friendship with the group is a great way for the trio to get into The White House. Grant seems full of himself, so hopefully, he develops some redeeming qualities and becomes a valued member of the group to stop Chucky. He’ll never live up to the legacy of Nadine from Season 2, but he could get there if he acts like a good big brother to Henry.

Devon and Jake’s relationship has grown even further than we realized. As mentioned above, the storyline of Ms. Fairchild talking about safe sex with them was both adorable and funny. If the pair does move forward together, they need to talk things out and figure out the details. But as we’ve seen in other horror movies and TV shows, whenever a character has sex, they’re more likely to be murdered by the serial killer. Could this be a tease for a big death to happen during Chucky Season 3?

“Let the Right One In” built the tension of Chucky’s brewing big fight in The White House. Two equally-tense storylines are forming: (1) the secrets of the murders, and (2) the trio’s mission to get into The White House to stop Chucky. This episode was the point where those two storylines started to connect. There’s plenty of more drama coming, but this outing introduced more pieces fitting into the full picture.

Chucky airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on USA & SYFY.

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  • 'Chucky' 3x02 - 7/10
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