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‘Nancy Drew’ 4×06 review: “The Web of Yesterdays” spins a captivating tale

By July 9, 2023No Comments5 min read

Is there a new man in Nancy’s life on The CW’s Nancy Drew? It seems so after the events of “The Web of Yesterdays.” A trip to the past sent sparks flying right to the future as a new thorn in “Nace” appeared to mess things up. We called it weeks ago that Tristan was being set up as Nancy’s potential new love interest; the signs were all there with his mysterious and brooding nature. Basically, all the qualities we’ve come to expect from Nancy’s type. However, now the romance was started and it’s become a reality. We’ll have to see how long it lasts.

Part of the reason they got together was due to the main case at hand. “The Web of Yesterdays” chose a time-traveling tale about a prom and a supernatural murder mystery that spanned decades. I loved this plot because of how abrupt and eerie the ghostly story pulled Nancy and Tristan into the past. There were no hints or clues this would happen; the second they were dragged into the past, we were pulled right in with them to solve the mystery. As they progressed through the storyline, we were filling in the gaps too. Nancy Drew always does an amazing job whenever it feels like both the Drew Crew and us viewers are left clueless about the threads.

The other great aspect of this case was the blending between the time-traveling elements and Nancy/Tristan’s part in the events. With Nancy and Tristan assuming the bodies of the murdered victims, they were reenacting the final days that led to their mysterious deaths. Time travel plots are an interesting story device because it leaves us questioning whether the main characters are able to change the past or if their actions were always pre-determined. Nancy and Tristian seemed like it could be the former, but in actuality, it was the latter. Everything they did, even by accident, was all the same things that the murdered teens did in the past.

This also begs the question: did Nancy and Tristan cause the deaths when Nancy picked up the glowing spider egg? Hear me out, she swatted the egg away from the teen friend, but the egg landed in her hand, which caused it to burn into her skin. The egg hatched into the supernatural ghost spider that caused all the murders. Either the original dead girl did the same thing, or Nancy (while in the girl’s body) took control and touched the egg. It’s a weaving thread that felt like the “chicken or the egg” type of conundrum. The twist was such an interesting moment with so many complex layers.

Though the best twist of “The Web of Yesterdays” was when it was revealed Nancy was carrying the spider’s ghost in the present. Did anyone see this coming? I was not prepared for it. There were still several minutes in the episode left, but I had expected a Drew Crew plot instead of the Spider. The climax was such an intense moment; you could feel the energy ramp up as the Drew Crew fought to save Nancy’s life. Sure, there was no way Nancy was going to die this early into the season, but the tension still felt real and captivating. Even if they had won, it would’ve been believable if consequences were felt afterward.

Is anyone rooting for Nancy and Tristan together? I’ll give it to them: their slow dance at the prom and in Nancy’s office was very romantic. And Tristan did look pretty dashing in his rented tuxedo. Nancy and Tristan have good chemistry together, that much is clear. The problem I have with this couple is that their longevity doesn’t seem strong. Nancy and Ace feel like endgame, and the majority of fans want them together, so this side romance is coming across as a temporary distraction until a decision is made later in the season. Hopefully, a lot of time isn’t spent dwelling on this fling.

Ace’s mission to recover the animal for Nancy proved yet again that he has deep feelings for her. He didn’t need to go out of his way, but he really wanted to do something good for her. No matter what he claimed, his determination was all because of his love for Nancy. He knew. Nick knew it. We all knew it! It was so heartbreaking when he walked in on Nancy and Tristan slow-dancing. Talk about a punch to all the feels!

Do you think Bess will get deported because of the historical society break-in? That council group wants the society shut down; I have a feeling they’ll do anything to ensure it closes and Bess is sent away. Hopefully, George and Carson are able to win her case and she can stay. However, my prediction is that Horseshoe Bay’s secret society is behind the threats against Bess and the historical society. Only the most powerful people would want the power and history of the historical society to be taken away forever; it will make that group (whoever they are) even more powerful in their control.

“The Web of Yesterdays” was an exciting case of the week for Nancy Drew. An abrupt trip to the past helped solve two murders and it brought the group together in their time of need, yet again. And just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse, more pressure has been put on the Drew Crew into their lives, especially their love lives. This episode was a great balance of personal developments and mystery-solving adventures.

Nancy Drew airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

  • 'Nancy Drew' 4x06 - 9/10
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